Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Duh... Mom-Brain

My grandmother has a theory: for every child a woman has, she loses 25% of her brain. That means that as of now, I am operating at 50%. I seriously feel for the people who have had 4 or more children! How in the world do they function with more than one child in the house, and with 0% or less of their mental capacity in tact!
The worst brain-dysfunction I've had lately only caused me to have to wash an extra load of laundry...
Natalie went to bed at 12am the other night. She didn't wake up until 8am, but of course, I was up really late because I'm stupid and after 3 months haven't realized that I should go to bed as soon as she does. When I went to get her from her crib, I filled a new bottle for her and brought her to our bed, where I fell back to sleep with her in my arms. For some reason (that has nothing to do with the late nights and insane build up of exhaustion) I didn't wake up again until almost noon. Natalie was a perfect angel and didn't wake me up. She must have known how badly I needed the sleep. However, about this time she started to fuss...
I reached over to grab her and hand her to her Daddy so he could change her and just as I picked her up, she peed ALL over the bed and me!! When I brought her to our room at 8am, I forgot to change her diaper! Not only had her diaper not been changed for 12 hours, making me feel like a horrible mother, but she was wearing size 1, when she really is pushing out of them into a 2! It was a series of cosmic events which led to the culminating event of my morning, uh, shower...
So here we are, a new day, and I still put the 1s on her for now because diapers are too danged expensive to waste, though I think tomorrow I will donate what I have left to an expecting mother. I put her to bed an hour and a half ago, went to take a shower and when she was fussing a little bit, immediately went to change the diaper.
This morning when we woke up (I'm starting to enjoy co-sleeping in the morning...) I was feeding her and as I lifted her up to burp her, was greeted by yet another shower in the form of EVERYTHING she'd eaten coming up on my pajamas. I had a burp cloth and was being careful about how I moved her, but apparently, mornings are not my thing... or maybe it's the Mom-Brain finally kicking in. Gee, I hope it gets better!

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  1. if that theory is correct than whats michelle duggar operating on?? shes in the negative! haha