Monday, December 14, 2009

Even more faith and wonder

Through the loss of our dear Charlotte, I have been blessed with new and re-newed relationships in my life. A friend who started out as a casual acquaintance has become a close friend. This same person introduced me to a wonderful couple who understood my loss completely. I will not share their names because it is their story I want to tell now.

January of this year, they were preparing to give birth to a new baby. They went to the midwife to deliver, as they had planned the whole pregnancy. Part way into labor, the midwife realized that the baby's heartbeat was not as strong as it should have been during contractions, so she insisted that they go to the hospital so that a cesarian could be performed if necessary. The on-call doctor hooked up the monitors and caught the mother's heartbeat and decided that it belonged to the baby. Insisting that the baby was alright, they continued with labor as the doctor said. The mother knew that something was wrong, but the doctor ignored the fact. When the baby was finally delivered, he was stillborn. Had the doctor recognized the instincts of the midwife and the mother, they could have performed a cesarian and delivered a healthy baby boy. Instead, he was suffocated by his umbilical cord because of the negligence of the doctor.

This morning, they welcomed a beautiful 7 pound 1 ounce baby boy into the world. They now know the hope and faith that I understood when Natalie was born, and I am so grateful for the opportunity they have to be parents and raise their child. Congratulations to them - best wishes and lots of love! I hope that the years to come will bring us stronger and closer together through our mutual love for our children and the understanding that life is precious and not guaranteed. That we have to take each moment as priceless and wonderful, enjoying every moment that we have been given to have these wonderful little people in our lives!

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  1. i'm so glad to hear they had a happy ending to such a tragic story. My thoughts are with them and their beautiful new babe!