Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Fun!

So after many many long months of not writing anything, here I am to say "HOLY COW!!!" I cannot believe how amazing Natalie is and how fast she grows and changes. She says so many things now and has even started to show more signs of independence. She puts on her own shoes, buckles her own carseat and even tries to put my shoes on for me! I don't know where the little baby went, but I now have an awesome toddler to chase around. Even less familiar to me now is energy - six months pregnant with a toddler in the heat of summer wasn't the best idea I've ever had. Natalie pokes at my belly and says "baby?" quite frequently and with how independent and helpful she is (she helped me make the bed tonight,) I know we will have no problems with her adjusting to being a big sister!
This past weekend we went back to my parents' house for the Fourth of July and (ugh) my 10 year high school reunion. She was a doll on the road and kept herself entertained really well. The only snafu we had was a period of about 2 hours when she just screamed and I didn't figure out until the 2 hours was almost through that all she wanted was her shoes off her feet... Well, live and learn I guess!
Natalie and her cousin Ze spent a lot of time running through sprinklers, playing in swimming pools, watching a parade and entertaining each other thoroughly! I was so proud of them both for how well they interacted. They shared nicely and even shared their mommies!
I am starting to realize as I wish for the next three months to fly by so I won't be pregnant anymore, that it means also that I only have three months left of time with just Natalie. It's bittersweet because I want to meet this new little one so desperately, but I cherish every second I have with Natalie. I felt so blessed to have had the entire weekend to just sit back and watch her be herself. I learned so much about her personality and her strengths and came home even more proud of the little person she is!

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