Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ah, my sweet, sweet girl. She is so helpful around the house these days and it is going to become so important that she know how to help. We are expecting another baby this October, two days before Natalie turns two years old! She already seems to know that things are changing - she talks to my belly and I'm not really even showing yet! It amazes me how thoughtful she is...
Natalie can now take her diaper to the trash, dishes to the sink and she can tell us what she wants to eat, even if it's only nodding her head for "yes" or throwing her arms around and shouting "NO!" I feel bad that I don't write more for her right now, but I am so busy with school and work and spending valuable time with her that I forget that some day she might want some record of our early years together! There really is something magical about the time we have together.
My little girl is not so little anymore either. She is now in a converted crib - one side is gone so she can climb in and out on her own! She opens her door in the morning and comes into our room to wake us up (on the rare occasion that we pretend we can sleep in.) The little chubby rolls on her thighs that were so sweet and ticklish are almost gone - her legs and arms are looking more like toddler than infant, which makes sense as she wears off the baby fat by running everywhere and climing on literally everything she can! I am wondering how on earth I will keep up with two of these beautiful rugrats, but Natalie can do so much for herself right now that I am not worried. I know that Natalie will bring diapers to me, or bottles for the baby. She will be able to help with simple things - and she will love this new baby so much, too!
I am excited to see what happens when Natalie becomes a big sister!!!

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