Monday, February 16, 2015


What a fabulous day.  We opened board games, spread all four of them around the floor, and then covered them with blankets.  We terrorized the cat.  We watched 4,000 episodes of Pororo because Netflix wouldn't load the Disney movies.  I wrote.  I planned some strategies for my future as a writer.  I decided to crack down and make it work, for the sake of my children and my sanity.  
Caitlin "helped."  By helped, I mean singlehandedly tore apart the house, destroyed some jewelry, cut her and her sister's hair, and spilled milk on her dress...  Yup. That's help.
For every web page I updated, and link I clicked, Caitlin destroyed one more item in my house.  I make it seem way worse than it actually is, but when I cleaned twice yesterday and once today, it really is a national disaster of EPIC proportions.  That, and I am working on becoming a master of hyperbole.  After all, what good is life with children if you can't embellish it a little bit?

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  1. Think of all the material you have to work with! ;)